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Digital Sweatshop Overveiw:

'Digital Sweatshop' is a play on words and the name is actually a joke in that the goal is to improve the work environment for CG artist and professionals, not force unfair working conditions and compensation onto them. It was created because I frequently receive emails and phone calls from people looking for work and from people looking for contacts for outsourcing, and it just seemed like there was a need for an infrastructure to help these people network and interact. I am the founder and CEO of 3DAllusions LLC with the sites 3DAllusions | 3DA Studio | MrMaterials and try to stay involved in various fields and professions from architecture to character design and most my efforts are aimed at helping or being a positive resource for the CG community.

There have been different forum discussions about creating a coalition of outsourcing architectural visualization artist of some sort, but those discussions usually got heated and it appears that creating an organization that sets standards and delegates work/commissions is destined to be full of political intrigue, heated debates and resentment, not to mention a huge amount of coordination. Hence, facilitating the free interaction and networking of potential clients and service providers seemed like a unique way to provide a service in a 'hands off' type scenario while helping artist and digital professionals. Typically when someone shows up to a CG site or forum and shows off their work and says 'look at what I can do', they are preaching to the choir, the other members are CG artist and not potential clients, I am hoping we create a place for people to show off to potential clients and employers.

What I hope to see as this site evolves is for CG artist and professionals to network and create resume and portfolio like Profiles so that potential clients and employers can search and contact those who may meet their project needs. This can happen in several ways, clients and fellow artist needing outsourcing or collaboration help can list the Project in an ads/classified fashion and those interested may contact them with proposals. In a more formal fashion employers may post actual Jobs and interested members may submit a job application. As the site evolves more features will be added and the existing ones improved, in the end I hope people create a network of artist and professionals that help each other make honorable and profitable livings in their particular trade.

Right from the start, the site will not be perfect, and improvements and features will be needed, but if you help us work out the kinks and spread the word, hopefully a synergetic relationship can be established within the network.

Terms and Conditions:

Some time will be devoted to establish official terms and conditions, but for now the spirit of their intent will be to "Behave in a respectful and professional manner". On one hand this site is designed for individuals to promote themselves and pursue work and relationships with those who may help them financially, but on the other hand we will not tolerate individuals disrespecting others to advance their career. Members can publish resume information, work samples and contact information, but provide proposals and pricing directly to potential clients and not publicly post them. The last thing this format should turn into is a site full of "Will render for Food" post everywhere. Keep it professional and discrete, if you contact a potential client directly offering to work for food, that is fine, we just don't want to see posted everywhere demeaning the value of our skills and professions. Focus on presenting your skills and talents to improve your networking and reputation, your negotiations should be kept private and discrete. We reserve the right to delete content and ban users at our sole discretion without warning, we will try to warn people and in truth, I don't believe I have ever banned anyone at my sites except for SPAMMERS (Nokio phones for $12.95.......) Hopefully we can successfully help one another out and advance all our careers.

Best regards,

Russell Thomas

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