Starting Out!

After you register and login to Digital Sweatshop, there are a couple things to do to get started. The join/register prompts mid  page will be replaced with a tabbed tool bar with options for you to set up your account and profile. To begin with, fill in your profile information and upload an avatar using the 'Profile' tab so that others can find you via search options and get to know you.

The next step is to go to the 'Applications' tab and activate the applications that you want to appear in your profile. You may come back and deactivate and activate as you want.

While you are at the tabbed tool bar you can look for friends, upload images and create galleries, join and create groups........ 

After this feel free to check out the Project List and Jobs section or join in or start a discussion in the forums.  Project List is an ads system where people can list projects that they need to oursorce or find collaboration help with. The Jobs section is a formal job listing and job application system for posting and applying to jobs.

This should get you started ;)

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